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Human Rights

Posted: Friday 31 July 15, 12.17pm GMT

In line with the niche for BITC in the human rights space and building on our power of convening and supporting companies who are just starting out on the journey, BITC has been running Chatham House Roundtable meetings on embedding human rights using a scenario approach.

This has had great feedback from the businesses that have participated. Most recently we held a Chatham House Roundtable Breakfast on the Modern Slavery Act on the 23rd of June and further events are being planned as follows:

ii) A Chatham House Roundtable on The UK Human Rights Action Plan, to be held in autumn 2015 and early 2016
iii) A Chatham House Roundtable on the Non-Financial Reporting Directive, the Companies Act, the EU Directive and their Human Rights implications, to be held in spring 2016.

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Usha Manojkanth

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