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HR Japan organises ‘Craftsmen Olympics’

Posted: Thursday 16 March 17, 3.04pm GMT

Our partner HR Japan has launched a new project with students from the Rikkyo University in Tokyo, house builders in Kumamoto and craftsmen and women from Kumamoto

The purpose of the project is to improve the value of the work of crafts men and women through collaboration. Many young people in Japan have stopped considering craft as a viable occupation and there is major concern that traditional craftsmanship will be gone in the near future if this trend continuous.

As part of the programme, HR Japan will be holding workshops and fieldworks once a month with the aim of re-engaging the youngest generations into crafts. An even bigger event will be happening during the summer when the Craftsmen Olympics will be taking place.

During the Craftsman Olympics many activities will be held for children and parents helping them to discover the value of traditional craftsmanship. During the event a range of competitions will be organised including a soil carrying race; the winner will be the one that can carry their soil for the longest. HR Japan will also organise workshops for families to create a memento of the day e.g. mosaics.

With this project, HR Japan is expecting to increase the interest of children in traditional craftwork, while creating a family friendly activity day for parents and children over the summer break.

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