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How to develop Corporate Volunteering: recommendations from Centre for CSR Development

Posted: Friday 2 December 11, 10.56am GMT

On the 22nd November 2011, Centre for CSR Development gave the powerful impetus to development of corporate volunteering in Ukraine by presenting the first Ukrainian guide “Corporate Volunteering: how to start” and future Corporate Volunteering Week, 5-9 December 2011.

The Guide “Corporate volunteering: how to start?” has been prepared by Ms Maryna Saprykina, head of Centre for CSR Development. It is based on the experience of the leading Ukrainian and international companies – “Ernst & Young”, “Kyivstar”, “DHL”, LG, Timberland – containing recommendations on how to plan and implement corporate volunteering programs, how to avoid mistakes and motivate people. The peculiarity of the guide is real practices of the successful corporate volunteering programs and results of survey of Ukrainian companies on the level of implementation of the corporate volunteering programs. This is absolutely practical guide, which step by step encourages companies to prepare its own effective program of corporate volunteering.

Ms Olena Ryzhkova, Kyivstar company, confirms that “Corporate Volunteering is an essential part of Kyivstar social programs, which after integration of two companies into one stimulates building Kyivstar team, increasing level of trust and collaboration among employees. The number of volunteers is increasing each year, engaging employees’ friends, family members and clients.”

Ms Ilona Biryushova, DHL company added: “DHL focuses its responsibility on 3 strategic development areas – GoGreen, GoHelp та GoTeach. So employees have the possibility to choose the volunteering job they are personally interested in. Being DHL volunteer is prestigious and rewarding both from colleagues and top-management.”

Ms Nataliya Telenkova, Ernst & Young company, confirmed: «Corporate Volunteering is a term which hides tools of huge social impact. Implementing social and charitable projects with employee engagement doesn’t only helps society to solve urgent problems, but also provide additional opportunities to employees to develop their potential, broadening their scope of impact, gaining new skills and building a team».

The guide “Corporate volunteering: how to start?” is a tool to get prepared for the practical implementation of ideas during Corporate Volunteering Week to be conducted on 5-9 December 2011, where companies’ employees can share their professional skills with non-governmental organizations and social institutions.

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