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Growing number of businesses see benefit of collaboration as Sedex reaches 25,000 members

Posted: Friday 25 May 12, 9.15am GMT

More than 25,000 organisations worldwide have chosen a collaborative approach to supply chain management by joining Sedex – the largest collaborative platform for managing ethical supply chain data.

Sedex logo

Sedex logo

Sedex is an online supply chain management tool, helping companies to identify, manage and mitigate ethical risks in global supply chains. Since its inception in 2004, Sedex has grown dramatically, with over 1,000 organisations joining in the past month alone.

This continued growth demonstrates the increasing importance of responsible procurement to businesses and a growing recognition that a collaborative approach is an effective way of driving ethical and sustainable improvements in global supply chains.

Members of Sedex benefit from a range of tools, including a common standard self-assessment questionnaire and market leading risk analysis tools, developed in partnership with risk analysis firm Maplecroft. These tools can be used to help identify areas of high risk in the supply chain, enabling organisations to take the necessary steps to address these issues.

Carmel Giblin, Sedex General Manager, said “As a membership organisation we are committed to meeting members needs and offering an innovative solution to managing supply chain risk, and it’s great to see that companies continue to recognise the benefits of Sedex’s collaborative model. We are delighted to reach the milestone of 25,000 members and I’m confident that our planned developments and innovations will lead to continued growth and success”.

Sedex engages with all tiers of the supply chain with the aim of driving continuous improvement in responsible business practices. Its membership is made up of over 25,000 suppliers (from small farms to large manufacturers) and almost 500 retailers and brands.

A full list of Sedex’s A & AB (retailers and brands) members is available on the Sedex website.

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