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GRACE organisation is looking to engage Portuguese citizens and immigrants

Posted: Wednesday 7 May 14, 12.42pm GMT

GRACE - reflection group and corporate citizenship - develops the Mentoring Project initiative.

The Mentoring Project is an initiative developed in partnership by the ACIDI IP-High Commission for immigration and Intercultural dialogue and GRACE – reflection group and corporate citizenship. The aim is the creation of a network of volunteer mentors to support the integration of immigrants into Portuguese society and the construction of a more cohesive society where all take place.

The initiative is focused on volunteering and corporate social responsibility to create an experience of encounter and mutual aid among Portuguese citizens and immigrants. It will allow mutual knowledge, in which the differences are rendered down in the resolution of the same difficulties, concerns and challenges of everyday life. The mentors are volunteers from member companies of GRACE organisation.

Objectives or the programme

  • Provide support, monitoring, guidance for resolving difficulties or concerns of immigrants with a view to their integration.
  • Promote equal opportunities, including in Portuguese society immigrants who, for some reason might be on the sidelines – capitalizing on the resources.
  • Promote volunteering within the framework of Corporate Social responsibility.

How can I participate?

  • Scheduling a session of project presentation in your company.
  • Registration in the project by completing a questionnaire sent by GRACE.
  • Scheduling meeting to learn more about the project, definition of their profile and identifying their interests and skills.
  • Immigrant citizen identification that will follow.
  • Meeting to establish the commitment with the mentorship programme’s needs, setting goals and achieving results, frequency and location of meetings).
  • The process of mentoring.
  • On going Monitoring and final evaluation of the process.
  • Immigrant citizens interested in participating in the project can obtain more information on the website of the ACIDI.

For more information please contact the organisation by email.

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Usha Manojkanth

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