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Good Deeds Day, iVolunteer

Posted: Thursday 27 April 17, 11.10am GMT

What difference can one act of positivity possibly make! Does it change anything at all? This is perhaps the most common question that comes to our mind when we think about performing a simple act of kindness. But yet we do it, simply because the more we do good the more it spreads! It is with this thought that volunteers in Mumbai completed their first Beneficiary Volunteering activity on 12th April by the hand of iVolunteer.

14 girls from Udayan Shalini Fellowship participated in the Good Deeds Day activity. The intention was to thank those who work in the public service sector and to encourage others to perform a good deed in their own way. Through this iVolunteer managed to create a platform for communication between the adolescent girls and the police.

The volunteers made 22 regular sized ‘Thank You’ cards and more than 200 small sized cards with messages to keep the local trains and stations clean, thus promoting cleanliness. The girls from Udayan Shalini fellowship then visited the local Police Station to thank the many police officers present at the station and also a traffic police officer for their service! The girls were given a brief tour of the various departments within the station, explaining its purpose and function at the same time.

It was in this spirit, their volunteers managed to create an impact through their #GoodDeed on the many beneficiaries and the people around! It is now time for you to do good and spread positivity. One random act of kindness and you can change someone’s life forever! You can learn more about iVolunteer and join their initiatives clicking here.

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Laura Bengoa

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