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Global Standards has released a report on labour conditions for Fair Labour Association in Vietnam

Posted: Monday 6 June 16, 2.30pm GMT

Global Standards has recently published a report resulting from an investigation into the issues related to payment of productivity bonuses that led to strikes in October and November 2015 in a factory in Hansae.

Global Standards was invited by the Fair Labour Association (FLA) to conduct an independent investigation into labour unrest, which resulted in strikes at the garment factory Hansae, Vietnam, which manufactures for Nike and many other brands.

Following a visit to the factory in March and interviews with workers both inside and outside the factory, Global Standards delivered a report on their investigation into the causes of the strikes with recommendations for improvements needed in the factory’s management and handling of relations with its workers.

A summary report from FLA, as well as the full report have been published and are now available from the FLA website.

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Olatz Zarraonandia

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