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Glasswing Guatemala Director selected to participate in the VVLead Fellowship programme

Posted: Friday 25 April 14, 5.32am GMT

Vital Voices Global Partnership has recognised Gabriela Garcia, Glasswing Guatemala Director, for her work in education and health by offering her the opportunity of being a fellow for two years in the VVLead Fellowship Programme, experience that she will use to continue her work to develop Guatemala from Glasswing.

Gabriela did not imagine she would be selected for this prestigious fellowship. “It was a surprise! I did not think I would qualify, especially with all the women in the world doing so many great things,” she said. Now that it has happened, she considers it a great professional accomplishment, a personal satisfaction and an opportunity to continue contributing to the development of her country through Glasswing Guatemala.

She firmly believes that her professional path and work with Glasswing has opened the doors to the VVLead Fellowship Programme.“The fact that in Glasswing we are focusing much of our efforts on support for girls (clubs for girls), might have attracted the attention of Vital Voices, through a different way of approaching the topic of women, through leadership and mentorship” she highlighted.

Her participation in this prestigious fellowship will give her the two-year opportunity to act as a mentor, have a mentor, and understand the experiences of other women in the world in the realms of education and health in similar communities to Guatemala.

To find more information about the VVLead Fellowship Programme click here.

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