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Employees in Portugal invite their families to get involve in Give & Gain

Posted: Wednesday 12 July 17, 9.43am GMT

This year GRACE took part once again in Give & Gain with their annual 'Volunteering in Family day'. 144 volunteers spent 4 hours collecting marine litter on beaches to raise awareness about the widespread issue of marine litter.

Marine litter is a widespread and global issue that closely affects coastal nations such as Portugal. It poses a threat to marine ecosystems, marine wildlife, sustainable fisheries, marine protected areas, biodiversity, and the economic value of the region. Managing, minimizing, and reversing the impacts of marine litter is an essential undertaking that must be properly addressed. In order to amend the current affected areas and prevent further harm from being committed, it is essential to mobilize the community to engage in the collection of existing litter and serve as agents against littering on beaches.

GRACE organised 3 activities for the 6 May where employees volunteered with their families to reduce marine litter across Portugal’s coast.

  1. They worked with Circular Economy Portugal, an NGO that seeks to build a society without waste by creating effective solutions to socio-environmental problems and disseminating sustainable production and consumption practices, to collect litter in Vila Nova de Gaia and Costa de Caparica. The initiative concluded with a puppet show that illustrated the problem of marine litter to the youngest of the family.
  2. They were also joined by Parques de Sintra Monte da Lua a non-profit organisation that manages different offices responsible for safeguarding and preserving the natural and cultural value of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra. The management of these properties involves their restoration, requalification, conservation, research, publicity and operation. For this activity they focused on the preservation of Nature Park trails: cleaning up roadsides, identifying signage needs, and maintaining benches and other public amenities.
  3. The final activity was organised with Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve and Straw Patrol. Ciência Viva do Algarve is comprised of local community centers that develop programs to support experimental instruction of science, technology, and scientific research through immersive activities such as birthday parties, lectures, workshops, field trips and astronomy sessions aimed at school groups and the general public. Straw Patrol is an environmental campaign that aims to raise public awareness about the issue of marine litter and seeks to disseminate environmental practices for the protection of marine ecosystems. This activity consisted of collecting marine litter in Faro.

There is no more effective way of involving someone in a cause that making them comprehend the issue and the consequences from when they are young, for this reason by involving young people in volunteering activities, GRACE is helping to improve the future ecosystem of the planet. We are sure that after taking part in this activity none of those children will drop litter on the beach again!

Using Give & Gain, GRACE addressed the protection of marine ecosystems as part of its GIRO initiative which is the biggest corporate volunteering initiative in Portugal.

The goals of GIRO this year were:

  • Raising awareness about the ocean´s important role in shaping climate and weather patterns
  • Advocating changes in behaviour that would reduce the negative human impact on the ocean
  • Promoting local sustainable economies
  • Preserving local marine biodiversity and longstanding maritime heritage
  • Identifying ease of public access-ways on beach areas for physically disabled populations

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