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Give & Gain in Turkey

Posted: Tuesday 11 July 17, 8.29am GMT

In May, the Corporate Volunteer Association ÖSGD organised 42 community projects in which 1048 corporate volunteers from 20 private companies worked with 19 community partners as part of Give & Gain 2017.

In total, 1746 hours of employee volunteering were spent helping 8916 people in the community; with many projects involving children and teenagers. Activities included a seminar on financial management for children, workshops on vocational training and career planning, and visits to corporate offices and museums. Many of the projects consisted of spending time with disable children, planting trees or cooking. One of the projects organised with Zorlu Holding consisted of designing a robotic hand for disabled people.
From the many projects happening around Turkey in May, ÖSGD wanted to share with us two of the activities that were organised with Cargill Turkey and Ronesans Holding.

Ronesans Holding

During Employee Volunteerism Week, Rönesans Volunteers Team launched the ‘Sustainable Life Project’ in order to help children reflect on the concept of sustainability and develop awareness about their environment. 350 students participated in the project receiving environmental training by Rönesans Volunteers Team in the events organized as part of the project.

The team also joined young women from a vocational high school that had been coached throughout the year as part of the Vocational High School Coaches Programme. As part of Give & Gain, volunteers and 90 young women who visited the Rahmi Koç Museum.

Cargill Turkey

20 volunteers from Cargill Turkey worked with a nonprofit organization on the project ‘Düşler Akademisi – Dreams Academy’ that focused on the reintegration of disabled people. The volunteers supported on two different activities:
  • Cargill Turkey volunteers and high school students worked together on a nature habitat cleaning project. During this activity a total of 6 kilometers were cleaned in Bursa & Balıkesir. Apart from cleaning, the volunteers taught the students about the different natural habitats around the world and how to clean up the environment.
  • In another activity, the volunteers planned a cooking workshop with disabled youngsters. During the day the volunteers made two new delicious cookies in the kitchen with the children, going through food security and how to prepare food safely.

Cargill is a global corporation that believes in the enrichment of local communities. They support local volunteers, local volunteering projects and world improving projects. They take any opportunity they can to help their communities with programmes like Give & Gain. They are aware that they can be challenged in many different ways across the globe and they know that supporting their communities one day of the year is not enough to accomplish the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All their volunteers focus on improving natural habitat in the world and have decided to participate in the ‘Düşler Akademisi – Dreams Academy’ projects to help remove barriers for disabled people on this agenda. Their volunteers are always ready to support them.

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