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Give & Gain Day 2016

Posted: Wednesday 27 July 16, 2.26pm GMT

Give & Gain Day is a UK Community Investment initiative supported by the International Campaign at BITC. Give & Gain champions the talent, skills and energy found in business and the role it can play in helping communities prosper. This year a total of more than 28,000 volunteers took part in Give & Gain Day globally, an increase by over 2,000 since last year, with 18,435 in the UK and 9,666 internationally.

Give & Gain Day international
Give & Gain Day international was delivered across 14 countries by our CSR360 Global Partner Network (CSR360 GPN) and 3 individual company activities. Through the CSR360 GPN, a total of 249 companies collaborated with 310 community partners, offering their skills, talent and expertise via programmes impacting education, employment, enterprise and the environment. A total of 43,227 people from local communities benefited from these programmes.

Partners’ activities

South and Central America
Of our South American partners, PROhumana in Chile, organised Give & Gain Day for the 4th time this year, and held it on 4th May. In collaboration with some members of the PROhumana Network, PROhumana organised a Clean-up activity in the Colorado Hill in Renca. More than 100 volunteers gathered during the day undertaking over 4 hours of work each which led to a total of more than 551 kilos of rubbish being collected, of which 175 kilos were recyclable materials. The recyclables were provided to a mobile recycling station, run by Triciclos, a sustainability driven company, for use for teaching children in the local community about recycling.

Meanwhile, CEADS in Argentina hosted Give & Gain Day between 13th and 20th May. During these seven days they organised 72 community projects carried out with the help of 1,033 volunteers from 25 companies. The volunteers spent 4,356 hours during the week where they benefited in total 6,076 individuals.
An example of a project CEADS delivered includes a partnership with Cablevisión, a major cable company in Argentina. The business carried out a tailored corporate volunteering activity linked to their core business and expertise, with the hope that the activity would have as much a long term impact as possible. For this reason, in partnership with Fundación Chacras of Buenos Aires, they decided to rewire and provide general improvements to the electrical system and internet services at the Hospital Borda Cultural Centre.

Fundación S2M in Ecuador hosted Give & Gain Day on 15th May at the “Centro Educativo Gonzalo Crespo” of the Fé y Alegría Foundation that hosts more than 600 students, most of them living in vulnerable conditions, in La Colmena area, south Quito. Volunteers from 3 organisations joint efforts with a group of parents, teachers and students in order to paint the outside walls of this Educational Centre.

CentraRSE in Guatemala took part in Give & Gain for the first time this year by organising the renovation and painting of the walls of a school, as well as providing a free meal to students. Furthermore, Cemefi in Mexico carried out 12 community projects, which had 4,806 beneficiaries and 668 volunteers.

In Europe, Business for Society in the Czech Republic organised 123 activities on 13th May across different locations of the country and with an incredible 1,199 corporate volunteers from 40 companies taking part on this one day! An example of one of their programmes included cleaning the public area of the Prague 4 district and supporting children in care. Employees, politicians and even the local mayor took part.

Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány in Hungary gathered 775 volunteers from 17 different companies on 20th May at the National Botanical Garden in Vácrátót. Throughout the day volunteers carried out different activities including: gardening; assembling new handrails, waste containers and information boards; and painting and sanding columns and information boards.

In Luxembourg, our national partner IMS- Luxembourg organised four different community projects supported by 57 volunteers from 4 companies. One of their activities included a football match between employee volunteers from PwC and refugee migrants from the Luxembourg Red Cross. A great way to show sport has the unique power to transcend the barriers between human beings and unite them in the same direction. The objective here was to provide refugees with the opportunity not only to play football but also to create connections between people of disparate backgrounds.

GRACE in Portugal ran Give & Gain Day in three locations in collaboration with 3 different community partners. Activities consisted of building/maintaining community vegetable gardens, with awareness activities, medical screenings and workshops for healthy eating and obesity prevention.

Pro Vobis in Romania organised an activity between employee volunteers and students of a school. They met on 20th May at the Ethnography Museum of Cluj-Napoca to build artificial bird nests for wild birds.

Smart Kolektiv and the Responsible Business Forum Serbia, with the support of USAID, organised ‘Our Belgrade’ as part of Give & Gain Day, on 14th May at Belgrade, Serbia. Over 200 corporate volunteers from 43 companies took part in different community projects, including helping to renovate a basketball court and garden at the Radivoje Popović Elementary School in Zemun.

Foretica in Spain ran Give & Gain Day for the 6th time this year and with that purpose it organised the “International Corporate Volunteer Week” between 17th and 24th May, during which time73 community projects were delivered with support from more than 1,300 employee volunteers from 43 companies, having a positive impact on the lives’ of over 4,000people. An example of one of the activities delivered includes facilitating blind people on creating a fictional sound project at the filming studios of a participating company.

OSGD in Turkey organised Give & Gain Day between the 9th to 15th May, with 44 community activities hosted with the support of 1,623 volunteers from companies including IBM and the Turkish Kidney Foundation who visited a local public primary school where they introduced 200 children aged 8-10 to healthy lifestyles, to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt.

Middle East
In Dubai, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised its largest Give & Gain Day on May 19th where over 760 volunteers from 26 companies supported over 1,200 individuals. An example of the activities they ran include the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry partnership with Action Care, to promote the ‘Year of Reading’ by donating over 100 books to the National Charity School and helping over 100 of their students to read.

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