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Give & Gain 2017

Posted: Wednesday 11 January 17, 1.03pm GMT

Give & Gain is more than just a day and at BITC, we want to reflect the fact that businesses play a powerful role in their communities at any time of the year. As a result, in 2017 Give and Gain will showcase the on-going support provided by businesses through employee volunteers across the year, building to a celebration day on 28 April as part of Responsible Business Week.

Businesses can Give & Gain in any way that is most suitable to them and address the needs of their communities in the most effective way. This could include multiple engagements with a school or community organisations throughout the year via a structured programme or organising a volunteering activity at a different time in the year.

We encourage employees to share time, skills and expertise to connect with communities and address key social challenges through their business. In particular, as the digital revolution takes hold, we are asking our networks to explore how the skills of their digital workforce can help people and communities to prepare for the future. There are many more ways a business could use its core skills to support its local community. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas with us and keep an eye on the resources page of our website where we will be sharing some examples.

We invite the CSR360 Global Partner Network to celebrate the power of employee volunteering with us through Give & Gain by organising employee volunteering initiatives throughout 2017. BITC will support you to organise and promote your activities through;

  1. Tools and guidance; available from mid-February onwards
  2. Communications, marketing and profile support throughout the year
  3. Introductions across our responsible business network where appropriate
We understand that for many businesses, a focused day of employee volunteering can be useful to engage employees and reap maximum benefits from communication campaigns. If your businesses have requested such a focus in 2017; we suggest organising employee volunteering activities in the two weeks around the 28th April where communications about Give & Gain are likely to be at their peak.

For more information on Give & Gain visit the website and contact Laura Bengoa, BITC International Team Assistant.

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