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Fuping run four ENGAGE activitites in June/July 2012

Posted: Tuesday 31 July 12, 9.14am GMT

Between the 9 June and 3 July, Fuping Development Insitute organised four activities as part of the ENGAGE Beijing project: June 9th - Reading to Kids June 10th - Science Trip June 16th - Beijing Botanical Garden July 3rd - Qianqianshu Children’s House Below is a summary of the activities

On June 9th, Fuping Development Institute organized “Reading to Kids” employee volunteering . 26 Microsoft employee volunteers went into Yangguang Kindergarten again to read stories for 200 migrant kids there. All the volunteers were allocated their tasks before the activity. During the activity, volunteers read stories, sing songs, taught English and took part in origami and painting. All the children had a nice day!

On June 10th, Fuping Development Institute organized an activity of “our journey through science”. 24 employee volunteers from Huayuan Property and Allen & Overy took 42 migrant students to visit China Science and Technology Museum. In the museum, volunteers explained the science and technology terminology to students, such as ‘overweight’ and ‘weightlessness’; encouraged them to take part in experiments and answered their questions. After the visit, students expressed their feelings by drawing and volunteers encouraged them to share their pictures with the group on the stage.

On June 16th 2012, was the 200th anniversary of CITI. CITI wanted to mark this say by contirubuting to society and doing voluntary work for community. In Beijing, Fuping Development Institute took a group of migrant students to Beijing Botanical Garden. There were over 140 Citi volunteers and 95 students participating. In the Botanical garden, the volunteers took students to recognize and learn about different plants, encouraged them to ask questions and find the answers themselves. They also collected samples of flowers and leaves together. After the visit, each group students made a collage using with color pens and samples of flowers and leaves as a present to CITI to mark the anniversary.

On July 3rd, we visited Qianqianshu Children’s House again. Last May, employees of Aviva-Cofco donated desks, chairs, picture books and color pens to Qianqianshu. This time they donated hundreds of picture books again and brought 3 senior level international executives from Aviva; Non-executive Director Gay Huey Evans, Group CR Director Marie Sigsworth and Senior HR & CR Manager Kerri Ann Mower. We introduced Qianqianshu to our guests and showed them around the kindergarten. They all participated in reading, gardening and drawing classes with the children.

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