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Fuping Development Institute organised 7 ENGAGE activities from October to December 2013

Posted: Wednesday 19 February 14, 12.54pm GMT

During the period of October to December 2013, Fuping Development Institute organised 7 activities to serve migrant children and Domestic house workers. 180 volunteers from 5 enterprises participated, totally 736 beneficiaries and donated 603 hours. The volunteers were from Microsoft, Symantec, Shell, Huayuan Property, and Shell.

Bring happiness to migrant kids at Qianqianshu Children’s house

On 19 October, 30 volunteers of Shell went into Qianqianshu Children’s house again and played games with kids. They played basketball and bowling, going fish, sand painting, and building blocks which brought a happy day to migrant kids. What’s more, some volunteers did special volunteering work. They dug the canal to maintain winter drainage.

Symantec volunteer at Fuping Domestic and Community Service School

On 26 October, 6 employee volunteer of Symentec visited Fuping Domestic and Community Service School. During the visit, they learn about the history and development of Fuping, and show their approval of what is happening by dropping in classes. After visit, they also did labor work to help the domestic house worker.

Picture: Volunteers digging Jerusalem artichokes

Bring People with Intellectual Disability to organic farm

9th November, is a special day for 13 intellectual disable people. 14 employee volunteers from BAT brought them to organic farm to feel the happiness of autumn harvest. On the farm, volunteers and people with intellectual disability visited the small zoo; learned how to plant organic plant and picked tomatoes and cucumber together.

On 16th November, 36 employee volunteers of Huayuan Property also brought 48 migrant kids in grade 4 to an organic farm. Volunteers and students had a happy day together.

Happy Reading & Merry Christmas Party

On 21st December, 40 Microsoft volunteers and 15 Symantec volunteers came to Sunshine kindergarten.
In the morning, Microsoft volunteers prepared many books for the kids and read stories, sang and played together with them, taught English and did origami and painting with them.

In the afternoon, Symantec volunteers took gifts and Christmas tree to the kindergarten and played game with the kids. On that day, they gave each kid a toy as a Christmas gift and everyone had a nice day together.

Since 2010, there are totally 1605 volunteers served 5768 beneficiaries, and donate 5052 hours.

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