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FUNDAR partner promotes Corporate Volunteering actions in harbors and port areas

Posted: Thursday 26 April 12, 7.37am GMT

Source: Fundar web page, 24 April 2012

Over a hundred attendees from transport sector and logistics took part in the CSR Conference hosted by Fundar in Valencia (Spain) last Monday 23 April. This event has been named the First CSR Meeting for harbor community members.

The first CSR Meeting for harbor community members in Spain

The first CSR Meeting for harbor community members in Spain

The Conference was opened by Rafael Aznar, the president of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) and the Valenciaport Foundation – the two organizers of the meeting -, accompanied by Gonzalo Sanz, the head of UNO (Logistics and Transport Business Organization) and Enrique Iniesta, the head of CSR Area at the Official Credit Institute.

After presenting the current status for Social Responsibility in Spain and previewing what is expected to become in the future, three round tables were held.

Laura Chorro, the main manager at Fundar, took part in the third round table, which set out different practices available to companies in this field, from business ethics (ETNOR Foundation), inclusive and responsible business models (Novaterra Foundation) or through the Corporate Volunteering (FUNDAR).

Also, Laura Chorro presented the Corporate Volunteer program ENGAGE Valencia, which has had a great response within Valencia’s community, from business and their employees, since it was launched in 2008. This program already has more than 30 partners from Alicante, Castellón and Valencia, which offer their workers a full volunteer activities catalog.

The offer includes from environmental intervention (e.g. cleaning of rivers) to training and support for women suffering social exclusion situations, or actions aimed at secondary students, prisoners and university entrepreneurs.

The General Secretary of the APV, Pilar Theureau, was in charge of closing the conference. She presented all the tools available to companies and organizations related which the port Community.

FUNDAR, the Foundation for Solidarity and Voluntary Work in the Valencian Region, is an entity constituted by the Ministry of Justice and Social Welfare and the Bancaja Foundation to promote and facilitate volunteerism and solidarity, as to promote the immigrants integration and Human Rights in Valencia.

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