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Fundahrse and Vital Voices Honduras celebrate their mentoring programme for businesswomen

Posted: Monday 5 February 18, 2.09pm GMT

The Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (FUNDAHRSE) and Vital Voices Honduras (VVH) hosted a breakfast for 27 businesswomen (apprentices) and their mentors (business professionals and other businesswomen) who participated in the program “Training of Women Leaders”.

The program has been promoted by Fundahrse since 2011, and has shown impressive results for the development of the country specifically in Honduran small businesses; VVH has trained around 360 apprentices and recruited 135 mentor women since then.

Fundahrse believes, as expressed by its Director of Programs for membership and SMEs, that it is a requirement for Honduras to raise levels of competitiveness of the small and medium enterprises; and, programs like these, are a very good opportunity for women as leaders and employees to drive this. Growth is part of life and it helps us acquire management and leadership skills that contribute to the strengthening of our companies.

SMEs have always been part of Fundahrse’s agenda, because of the potential, technical and administrative capacity they possess. That is why this department supports this type of initiatives that promote Honduran women.

27 couples who participated in the program. Each apprentice received a diploma in business growth which included topics such as management skills and leadership, among other activities.

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