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Fundacion SERES ‘Good Practices in Diversity and LGBTQ’ report

Posted: Thursday 19 October 17, 9.49am GMT

Fundacion SERES has recently launched the report ‘Good Practices in Diversity and LGBTQ’. In this report they showcase the benefits business can make by creating an inclusive and diverse environment.

During the report Fundacion SERES highlighted that about 80% of a company’s value comes from intangible assets and its main competitive advantage is talent. In the age of talent, the factor that points companies out is given by the team of professionals that compose them. Therefore, attracting and retaining the best talent is and should be the strategic objective of any company that wants to be sustainable in the medium and long term. Creating a business culture that is inclusive and diverse allows you to attract a greater number of candidates and open access for best expertise.

LGBTQ diversity is a fundamental component of diversity, but LGBTQ diversity as invisible diversity requires an act of self-expression and exposure. This process of deciding whether to communicate sexual orientation or gender identity (known as the disclosure dilemma) depends on both personal and environmental factors.

The distinguishing feature for an environment to be effectively diverse and inclusive is trust. Trust can be understood as the willingness to show vulnerability to others and share sensitive information. Regarding the decision of communicating one’s own sexual orientation or gender identity, the employees must be sure that this exposure will not harm them either professionally or personally.

Considering this, Fundacion SERES has developed a road map for building such trust, as well as a listing of good practices that illustrate how to achieve a reliable work environment that allows the expression of employees in their full diversity.

To read the full report click here.

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