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Fundación S2M volunteers brought Give & Gain Day to Ecuador!

Posted: Thursday 9 June 16, 2.20pm GMT

On 15th May Fundación S2M hosted Give & Gain Day in Quito, Ecuador. This year they managed to paint the Gonzalo Cordero Crespo School, located in the low income neighbourhood.

In Equador, “Fundación S2M”, as a BITC CSR360 GPN partner is in charge of coordination activities. Edition 2016 took place last May 15th at the “Centro Educativo Gonzalo Cordero Crespo” of “Fé y Alegría” that hosts more than 600 students in La Colmena area, south of Quito.

Fe y Alegría is an integral popular educational movement for social promotion in Ecuador, in 75 education centres throughout 14 provinces and tends to the educational needs of 28,201 children and youths. The organisation encourages an international movement dedicated to Popular education and Social promotion, based on the values of justice, freedom, participation, fellowship, respect for diversity and solidarity is aimed at the population impoverished and excluded, to contribute to the transformation of societies. Click here to find out more about Fe y Alegría Foundation.

At this event, volunteers of Fundación S2M, SERTECPET, Treinta Segundos and Comunicación Estratégica joined efforts with a group of parents, teachers and students in order to paint the outside walls of this Educational Centre in a morning full of gratifying work, stimulating interaction and valuable apprenticeship.

The experience acquired through several years of implementing this Corporative Voluntary Day confirms that “companies that participate in Give&Gain Day have witnessed how these activities bond working teams together, bring them to be part of community action, improves the sense of unity and collaboration and discovers and develops hidden talents. Putting all things together, it is a voluntary action that generates enormous benefits”.

Pilar Salazar, representative of S2M, has informed of their decision that Give & Gain Day will be repeated this year in one of the educational institutions located in the recent earthquakes affected areas; for that purpose, necessary preparations have started putting in place, under the umbrella of the “Responsible Businesses Group”, which is part of the S2M Certification, supported by the “Cámara de Industrias y Comercio Ecuatoriano Británica (British Ecuadorean Industry and Commerce Chamber)” and Foundation S2M.

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