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Four third sector Spanish companies join the International Corporate Volunteer Network

Posted: Tuesday 15 May 12, 7.42am GMT

Source: Voluntare Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Four new Spanish companies - Grupo Antena 3, Banco Galicia, Hazloposible Foundation and Volunteering Work - have joined the International Corporate Volunteer Network, Voluntare, as collaborator members.

Voluntare logo

Voluntare logo

Voluntare has the support of 18 collaborator members and has been adding new organizations from the third sector to its membership team since it was born in July 2011. Two of Voluntare’s founders are members of the CSR360 Global Partner Network: Fundar (Spain) and Forum Empresa (Chile).

Each of the four new Spanish organizations joining Voluntare this week include volunteering activities within their CSR Strategies, which are not related with the main activity they perform.

Grupo Antena 3

Corporate Volunteering is one of the main lines of Antena 3 Group’s Social Engagement Policy which lends the potential and professional skills of its employees for associations and NGOs working in social problems.

In addition to supporting the causes of these nonprofit organizations, since 2005, Antena 3 Group has used its media to disseminate and raise awareness in society about the importance of this work.

Banco Galicia

Banco Galicia has devised PRIAR Programme which focuses primarily on health, education and food in order to contribute to the solution of priority problems in a sustainable way. Their employees try to mitigate poverty effects and to improve the life quality of those communities with fewer resources through an integrated team working plan.

Asociación Trabajo Voluntario

This Voluntare new member is a pioneering and leader organization in corporate volunteering based in Perú. Its mission is to create and generate agents of change through volunteering management and to contribute significantly to the society development.

Since 2000, Asociación Trabajo Voluntario has created and developed over 100 corporate volunteer programmes with major companies and has trained over 400 social sector organizations in volunteer management.

Fundación Hazloposible

This foundation is a private non-profit organization that promotes innovate ways of interaction and participation among the society, focusing in charity causes and using new systems of technology. Fundación Hazloposible collaborates with business in promoting volunteering among their workforce and other stakeholders, mainly by developing new spaces dedicated to volunteering, for example, intranets, web pages and social media networks.

VOLUNTARE Network was founded by KPMG, Fundación Telefónica, ENDESA, Unilever, FUNDAR, Fórum Empresa, CODESPA and Fundación Corresponsables. The network has over 1,900 users and all their Corporate Volunteering Programmes can be checked on-line at www.voluntare.org.

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