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Foretica’s Climate Change cluster identifies five catalysts to boost the climate action

Posted: Thursday 1 February 18, 12.35pm GMT

The Cluster of Climate Change, coordinated by Forética and composed of 50 large companies, has presented the report "Climate Change and Cities: The business action", at the Smart City Expo World Congress, the most important international event in the field of sustainable cities.

This report highlights the need to rethink the current city model to ensure that cities promote the transition towards a low carbon model, to be truly resilient to climate change, guarantee basic services and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

The study analyses businesses’ role in the response of cities for the construction of a sustainable future and identifies five fundamental catalysts for climate action in cities:

1. Sustainable mobility,
2. The development of infrastructures and smart connections,
3. Energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energies,
4. The promotion of sustainable and healthy lifestyles, and
5. The commitment to financing and innovation at the service of climate action.

Each one of them is presented in the document with high impact practices carried out by the members of the Cluster.

You can download the report (in Spanish) here.

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Lydia Parnell

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