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Forética publishes a report about the CSR national plans from European Governments

Posted: Monday 16 April 12, 7.35am GMT

The document will be released during a public presentation that will take place on 18 April in Madrid.

The recent CSR strategy launched by the European Commission invited Member States “to develop, or update by mid 2012, their own plans or national lists of priority actions to promote the CSR development in support of Europe 2020 Strategy".

In this sense, Forética has published a report that analyzes some of the most representative initiatives developed within a main CSR Strategy frame by the German, Danish, Netherlands and Swedish government. The research findings are intended to serve as a reflection and discussion aid to develop the action plan of the Spanish government in CSR.

Forética is the lead Spanish organisation in the development of CSR management tools. Today it is an info-Point for the European Union on CSR matters, cooperating through different projects for the European Commission and other international Forums, such as GRI as a stakeholder organisation and CSR Europe as a National Partner.

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