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Forética provides support to the Vicente López Council to empower local NGOs

Posted: Friday 25 July 14, 7.11am GMT

As part of a year-long collaborative project, Forética and the Council of Vicente López (Buenos Aires, Argentina) are joining efforts to strengthen 17 local NGOs. The project aims to identify opportunities to upgrade the quality of practices among the third sector in Vicente López, leading ultimately to enhanced private-public partnerships based on stronger relationships between companies operating in the municipality and social organisations.

In a first stage, an external assessment of the strengths and opportunities of each entity was conducted, based on a specific tool designed by Forética. Different aspects of organisational development such as structure and governance, funding strategies, communication and institutional relations, development of programmes, etc. have been evaluated.

This has enabled the identification of a number of lines of action to support the NGOs. In order to make the NGOs more efficient and effective in the delivery of their programmes, the Council, Forética and companies based in Vicente López will organised workshops and capacity-building sessions. Efforts will be centred on the priority areas identified: strategic planning, human capital management and financial sustainability.

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Usha Manojkanth

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