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Forética expects major impact from Enterprise 2020 initiatives in Spain

Posted: Wednesday 22 January 14, 2.36pm GMT

On November 26th, Forética held the launch of the 2013-2015 Campaign of Enterprise 2020 in Madrid, at an event attended by 200 people.

The aim of the session was to announce the 57 initiatives that the Forética Technical Committee selected from a total of 63 applications received under the two key themes of the campaign and aligned to the CSR Europe agenda:

  • Skills for Jobs
  • Sustainable Living in Cities.

The 57 collaborative initiatives are being implemented by more than 640 organisations, comprising businesses, academic institutions, civil society and public authorities. These projects impact on more than 15 different economic sectors in all 17 autonomous regions of Spain. Amongst the expected impacts of these projects, 13,000 new jobs will be created, of which 3,000 will be aimed at young people, over 600 entrepreneurs will be supported in their initiatives and more than 18 cities across Spain will benefit from enhanced programmes on citizen wellbeing, smart logistics or awareness and education activities.

Participating organisations were provided with their media and marketing kits to further promote their involvement and participation in the campaign and more companies are expected to join Enterprise 2020 in Spain when a new call for submissions takes place in early 2014. The Forética-led campaign in Spain is sponsored by member companies MSD, Unilever and FCC and is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Employment, the Spanish Office for Climate Change and the regional governments of Galicia, Navarra, Extremadura, Castilla y León, Cantabria and Murcia.

More information available in Spanish click here.

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