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For The Fifth Year FUNDAHRSE Granted the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Seal to 39 companies

Posted: Monday 10 October 11, 1.34pm GMT

A total of 39 out of 88 member companies were recognized this year, they reach requested levels of social responsibility according to FUNDARHSE standards.

Since 2007 FUNDAHRSE has invited its members to apply for this recognition, each company is required to respond to an extensive questionnaire containing over 200 questions covering the following issues: good governance, environmental practices, employee and community relations, marketing, public policy and purchasing practices.

Jorge Canahuati, CEO of the media group OPSA, was elected to deliver the speech on behalf of the companies that received the seal for the first time. Canahuati stated that they are committed to practice ethical leadership and keep working on the creation of opportunities to provide a better quality of life for Hondurans.

Since the creation of FUNDAHRSE we decided to promote throughout the country a new way of doing business, and the first years were difficult because people confuse CSR with philanthropy, and considered as an expense and not as a strategic investment long term.

But after much effort promoting the issue and after endless hours of seminars and courses for our members and working with international cooperation agencies, we finally reached a level of maturity in some members, which agreed to evaluate annually and now they are recipients of the Seal FUNDARHSE for Socially Responsible Company.

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