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Maala organised the first national Social Responsibility Day in Israel

Posted: Tuesday 15 July 14, 7.24am GMT

Maala, an NGO promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel, held on June 10th 2014 the first national Social Responsibility Day in Israel. This was a first among what will become a traditional event.

The Social Responsibility Day aims to raise awareness and exposure to Corporate Social Responsibility amongst Israeli business, workers and the general public.

According to Momo Mahadav, Maala’s CEO, “Israeli Business contribute socially to the environment they operate within. They have the power to lead a positive change beyond their operations by employing workers from underserved populations such as Israeli-Arabs, ultraorthodox or people with disabilities; protecting the environment; investing in communities; improving working conditions and developing their workforce”.

The social and environmental investment of businesses has been growing steadily for the past 10 years in Israel and globally. The Social Responsibility Day which will was held for the first time this year, will lay the ground for a yearly tradition to come.

The Social Responsibility Day included the publication of results of the Maala 2014 CSR Index and Special Diversity in Business Awards. Click here to read it.

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