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First national CSR strategy in Estonia

Posted: Wednesday 1 August 12, 9.51am GMT

In June 2012 Estonian first national CSR strategy was finalized and accepted by Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Various expert group meetings took place during the process, including representatives from corporate sector, different ministries, leading universities and non-profit sector. Responsible Business Forum in Estonia was involved into the policy creation process as one of the leading expert partners.

The strategy aims to increase the awareness among businesses, investors, consumers, public sector, media and other stakeholders (public communication, sharing good case practices, involving into study programs, training companies and other stakeholders); and to encourage responsible behaviour among companies through developing national recognition and certification system.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has the main responsibility to execute the strategy, other ministries and Responsible Business Forum in Estonia are also involved.

More information contact Marko Siller from Responsible Business Forum in Estonia at marko@csr.ee

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