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First anniversary of VOLUNTARE, the International Corporate Volunteering Network

Posted: Friday 27 July 12, 2.08pm GMT

VOLUNTARE, the first international network for the promotion of Corporate Volunteering formed by companies and non-profit entities of the Third Sector, published the study "Corporate Volunteering in Spain and Latin America: perceptions Companies – Non-Profit Entities", based on the information collected in its first year of operation, analyzed and valued by 40 organizations, groups of companies and non-profit entities, during workshops held in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Companies and Non-Profit Entities call for tools and training to develop Corporate Volunteering

The research has allowed knowing the main barriers faced by companies and non-profit entities, highlighting the economic crisis and the difficulty to align goals and build alliances between the productive and the non-profit sector. At an internal level, it has shown the importance of the involvement of senior management, the shortage of Human Resources responsible for the CV or the internal communication channels.

The study also reveals a number of shortcomings, mainly due to the youth of this tool of Corporate Social Responsibility, such as the common good practices through spaces for the exchange of experiences, the development of training and the guidance for the implementation of Corporate Volunteering programmes (design, operation, implication, impact measurement), the usefulness of the support on-line, the opportunity to develop a specific software or the development of indicators.

Latest additions to VOLUNTARE

A year ago KPMG, Fundación Telefónica, ENDESA, Unilever, Fundar, Forum Empresa, CODESPA and Fundación Corresponsables launched, as founding partners, an international initiative aimed at to publicize and spread the Corporate Volunteering as a CSR tool for its positive impact both in participating companies, and collaborating non-profit entities and its scope and beneficiaries of the action.

On its first anniversary, VOLUNTARE celebrates most recent partners to have joined the network: SPB, ENGAGE, Conexión Colombia and Grameen Foundation, this last one, Banqueros Sin Fronteras, promoted by the Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus. Along with those that joined in the past twelve months, Tempe (Inditex Group), Iberdrola, IBM, CEMEX, Grupo Antena, PRIAR (Banco de Galicia), ComunicaRSE, Forética, Asociación Trabajo Voluntario, Fundación Hazloposible, 14 are already collaborating partners of VOLUNTARE.

2012: on and off-line initiatives

VOLUNTARE materializes in an on-line portal; a virtual space for the confluence; a source of knowledge, with reference information (studies, best practices, news…); and a window open to participation, through tools to generate new content and promote innovation (working groups on specific issues).

In 2012, VOLUNTARE, as well as maintaining its virtual platform, starts the development of activities off-line such as workshops (in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia) or the publication of its own reports, result of private discussions. The conclusions reached will available for companies and not-for-profit entities interested in developing Corporate Volunteering programmes.

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