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Finnish Business & Society keeps on growing strong

Posted: Tuesday 21 February 12, 10.07am GMT

Despite the economic turmoil in the world – or perhaps because of it – membership of the Finnish CSR network Finnish Business & Society (FiBS) keeps on growing strong and steady.

Founded in 2000 FiBS’ membership has more than tripled over the past five years consisting nowadays of 185 members. In 2011 FiBS’ membership increased by 20 per cent.

FiBS’ multi-stakeholder concept, diverse membership services and it’s unique position as an impartial expert in the CSR field are the main reasons FiBS has managed to establish its leading role in its field in Finland.

Various events are FiBS’ main function. In 2011 FiBS arranged Finland’s first CSR marketplace with 350 visitors and 35 exhibitors, in addition to 11 other smaller events, many of them in co-operation with its members and other stakeholder groups. Event themes varied from CSR tools to sustainable procurement and employee volunteering. FiBS also co-arranged Finland’s 16th sustainability reporting competition.

In 2012, FiBS is planning to implement a major brand reform including changing the name of the network. FiBS will also execute Finland’s Diversity Charter -project as part of European platform funded by EU.

Posted by
Jennifer Todd

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