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Finnish Business & Society keeps on growing strong

Posted: Monday 12 December 11, 12.18pm GMT

Despite the economic turmoil in the world – or perhaps because of it – the membership of the Finnish CSR network Finnish Business & Society (FiBS) keeps on growing strong and steady.

Founded in 2000, the number of FiBS members has almost tripled in the passed five years. Today FiBS has a diverse membership base of 178 organizations, amongst them 148 companies, 20 NGOs and 10 colleges. FIBS has established itself as leading CSR organization in Finland. This is due to FiBS’s multi-stakeholder concept, diverse membership services and its unique position as an impartial actor in the CSR field.

Various events continue being in the core of FiBS’s activities. The highlight of the year 2011 was the first ever CSR fair in Finland organized in May. This fair, initiated and arranged by FiBS, attracted 350 visitors and 35 exhibitors. In addition to this, FiBS organized 11 other events – seminars and workshops – many of them in co-operation with its members and other stakeholder groups. Event themes varied from CSR tools to sustainable procurement and employee volunteering. In November FiBS co-arranged with other Finnish organizations Finland’s 16th sustainability reporting competition. Apart form the jury that got to choose the winner, also NGOs, analysts, colleges and journalists nominated their favorite reports.

The year 2012 will bring about some major changes for FiBS: not only will FiBS team shift to new premises but also the brand Finnish Business and Society will remain in history due to a major brand reform including changing the name of the network. This, however, will not slow down the activities: the 2012 calendar is already filled in with interesting seminars, workshops and trainings.

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