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ENGAGE volunteers from five companies removed 250 kilos of waste in Turia River, Spain

Posted: Friday 15 June 12, 1.40pm GMT

Source: Fundar web page, 4 June 2012

25 volunteers from SPB, Capgemini, SanLucar Fruit and Grupotec, took part in a voluntary environmental initiative for the ENGAGE Valencia Corporate Volunteer Programme, organised by Fundar. In total, 250 kilos of waste were removed from the Turia River.

The initiative, held in collaboration with a Limne Foundation, took place at a stretch of the Turia River, as it passes through Manises village.

The work consisted mainly of removing debris from the river, as this area is often used as an illegal dumping ground, leading to an accumulation of large amounts of waste.

In total, volunteers collected 250 kilos of various materials: tiles, bottles, cans, plastics, televisions, paper, organic material, glass, refrigeration machines, etc. As they were making their way along the river, they could even detect and remove some containers filled with motor oil that could have easily reached the river, causing a greater impact.

Apart from cleaning the river area, the volunteers examined some chemical and biological parameters of the water, to assess its status, which, according to measurements, showed a moderate-low quality.

Volunteers also took the chance to build nest boxes, in order to place them in some strategic areas where Limne Foundation operates.

The volunteers stressed the need to organize these types of actions so as to involve the rest of the society. “Awareness is essential to avoid these bad impacts”, said one of the volunteers of the day.


ENGAGE is a Corporate Volunteer Programme which, in Spain, is organised by Fundar. Through this programme more than 30 member companies offer employees the opportunity to volunteer in different areas: prisons, women in situations of social exclusion, environment and entrepreneurship in secondary institutes and universities.

About Fundar

Fundar, the Foundation for Solidarity and Volunteerism in Valencia (Spain), is an organization constituted by the Ministry of Justice and Social Welfare and the Bancaja Foundation to promote and facilitate volunteerism and solidarity, and to promote the integration of people immigrants and Human Rights in Valencia.

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