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Doughty Centre release two new free guides on Corporate Responsibility

Posted: Thursday 1 April 10, 12.05pm GMT

Two new corporate responsibility guides from the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility have been released. Entitled "the Governance of Corporate Responsibility" and "Communicating Corporate Responsibility effectively", both are now available to download free from the Doughty Centre Website.

How to ‘do’ corporate responsibility: the Governance of Corporate Responsibility

The fourth in the series of ‘How to do Corporate Responsibility’ guides from the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility is now available. The latest guide entitled; The Governance of Corporate Responsibility assesses and then advises organizations on successful tactics for ensuring a robust approach to governing its corporate responsibilities.

Commenting on the guide, Director of the Doughty Centre, Professor David Grayson said: “In the wake of the financial crisis it is even more critical that boards and management assess their approach to their governance of responsibility. The traditional approach needs to make room for an integrity and corporate responsibility leadership approach.”

“Attempting to integrate CR and sustainability issues within the governance framework of an organization can be inherent with pitfalls. However, governing effectively and responsibly is critical for ensuring long term business viability. We have researched best practice and reviewed the management literature to compile a set of critical success factors for achieving successful CR governance as well as typical barriers and how to avoid them.”

Author of the guide, Dr Heiko Spitzeck, also highlights the importance of the tone from the top – from both CR committees and also the Board in their roles and responsibilities. “The board has a responsibility for strategic planning and communicating, especially in relation to appropriate moral and ethical standards for how the company conducts its business. Board members also need to ensure their company complies with the spirit, and not just the letter, of the law.”

“Corporate responsibility governance in this context is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but we hope our advice and recommendations will help as a health check of your governance arrangements.”

The guide is available free at: www.doughtycentre.info ‘Whats new’

Building trust: Communicating Corporate Responsibility effectively

As of 01 April, the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility is please to confirm that a guide written in collaboration with Ogilvy PR Worldwide on Communicating Corporate Responsibility is now available for free viewing.

Corporate responsibility has often been described as a journey with challenges and opportunities along the way. Inspiring trust and engendering goodwill with stakeholders as you travel on this journey is essential for success. The strategic value of communicating corporate responsibility should not be underestimated – likewise, if communication is done wrong the opportunities can be eroded and further risks created.

Natalie Sarkic-Todd, editor and contributing author of the guide, notes that: “The paradigm shift that we have seen in attitudes to business, and their responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society, is unprecedented. What better time to take a look at how companies can communicate their corporate responsibility?”

Professor David Grayson concurs: “Effective communications are essential for engaging stakeholders, which in turn will be critical for restoring trust in business so that we can work together to create the low carbon economy critical for the future of our planet and our children.”

This guide provides the ‘golden rules’ to empower communication and corporate responsibility experts, as well as delving into further detail on the use of language, the critical link with corporate values, engaging with digital communications, and thinking beyond Copenhagen. The fluid book version also provides case studies that the reader can view to see real examples from across the globe of how the recommendations have worked in practice.

The guide is available free at: www.doughtycentre.info ‘Whats new’

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