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ACCION launches the +Diversidad Programme to promote an inclusive and meritocratic labor market

Posted: Tuesday 27 May 14, 8.13am GMT

+Diversidad Programme contributes to the creation of business practices and promotes an inclusive and meritocratic labor market built on valuing diversity.

Angloamerican, Aramark, ACHS (Hospital del Trabajador), Eulen, Komatsu Cummins, Securitas, Telefónica, TVN, VTR and Walmart Chile are spearheading the initiative run by ACCIÓN, in a bid to better value and manage difference in the workplace and in society in general.

Contributing to the creation of business practices that promote an inclusive and meritocratic labor market built on valuing diversity: that is the core goal of the +Diversidad programme, created by ACCIÓN – an organisation that brings together 170 companies working towards Sustainable Development in Chile.

The goals of +Diversidad programme are to boost company productivity by including a wide range of collaborators in order to advance towards integrated organisational cultures. The programme looks to strengthen public debate and the generation of regulations and legislation that will facilitate and promote Diversity Management at companies. Moreover, it aims to generate spaces for the joint management of business opportunities in diversity, and to pass on workplace diversity management tools, methodologies, knowledge, and interest to the public.

The programme is planned to last for a minimum of three years, and is based on a strategy of lines of action that include dialog with public and private interest groups; creating knowledge and studies on the actions that some companies have already started to take relating to managing difference; and partnerships with academic centers to draw up diversity management measurement and self-assessment standards.

“Whether or not they are aware of it, companies are spaces where culture and beliefs are forged. They reflect the societies in which they exist, and Chile has changed. The lack of trust prevalent among the citizenry, and aggressive attitudes to institutions as a whole – and companies in particular – represents a factor that has been growing for some time. We are in a country that will not tolerate abuses, exclusion, and discrimination. Indeed, Chile is seeing a growing valuation of richness in diversity of origins, education, experiences, talents, tastes, beliefs, and ideals. In the company-person relationship, we are also engaged in building an inclusive and integrated society, and this is the goal of + Diversidad”, said Ignacio Larraechea, the General Manager of ACCIÓN, speaking about this innovative initiative.

Amongst the many sustainability challenges that the country is facing, ACCIÓN has decided to focus on the issues of inequality and exclusion, forming a space in which companies can make substantial contributions, in their role as economic and cultural entities.

The +Diversidad programme council was formed by Juan Carlos Román, Vice-President of Operations at Angloamerican Sur; Pablo Achurra, President of Aramark Sudamérica; Santiago Venegas, manager of the Hospital del Trabajador (ACHS); Andrés Moller, General Manager of Grupo Eulen; Jeffrey J. Dawes, President and CEO of Komatsu Cummins; Francisco Merani, General Manager of Securitas; Claudio Muñoz, President of Telefónica in Chile; Mauro Valdés, Executive Director of TVN; Guillermo Ponce, General Manager of VTR; and Gian Carlo Nucci, General Manager of Walmart Chile.

Speaking about the group, Claudio Muñoz, President of Telefónica in Chile and a member of the +Diversidad programme council, called on the business world to see the opportunity offered by diversity. “The choice that we are now making is to turn all the richness present into society into opportunities. We in the private sector have been successful in managing our financial capital, and today we have the tools necessary to make advances in how we administer the richness present in every position in our companies and in society. Let us leverage the opportunity to build trust and to open new spaces to develop business lines that include all perspectives. I firmly believe that we will do better if we move forward together”, he said.

The event was attended by representatives of civil society organisations and institutions, including: Lorena Fries, Director of the National Institute for Human Rights (INDH); Yerko Ljubetic, an INDH Advisor; Rolando Jiménez, President of Movilh; Luis Larraín, President of Fundación Iguales; Consuelo Correa, Executive Director, Fundación Paternitas; Miguel Von und zu Liechtenstein, President of Fundación Sin Odio; Marcela Correa, Advocacy Director of Fundación Ciudadano Global; Gastón González, Sustainability Director of Fundación Ciudadano Global; Loreto Leyton, Head of Public Affairs, Fundación Descúbreme; and Juan Pablo Venegas and Anita Bosch, of Proyecto B. All of these people welcomed the initiative and expressed willingness to take part actively in dialogs coordinated by ACCIÓN, with the goal of enriching activities to gauge spaces for cooperation emerging in this area.

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