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DERES 2017 highlights and future plans

Posted: Monday 8 January 18, 12.23pm GMT

DERES in Uruguay looks back on last year's achievements.

Over the last 12 months Deres has organised 4 conferences all of which have covered current issues in the sustainability world:

The SDGs and their Importance for the Business Sector
Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation: Impacts on Business Sustainability
Labour Culture: Trends and the future of work in Uruguay
The Intangibles and the Impact they have on Business Sustainability.

Another area in which they have had a huge contribution is on disability. The “Business and Disability” Working Group in DERES, with the support of the National Programme for People with Disability, published a guide for companies in order to facilitate the integration of disabled people in the workplace; it contains information on the resources available for companies as well as information, through examples, on how local companies have been addressing this issue. The guide can be downloaded in Spanish here

In December Deres delivered the 6th Edition of the “Awards for Best CSR Practices”; which have awarded more than 150 organisations since the beginning of the Programme.

2018 will find DERES working hard with companies to guide them on how to contribute to the SDGs and how these actions can be measured and included later in the SDG Reports that Uruguay presents to the UN. For this, they have partnered with the Uruguayan Government since the beginning of last year.

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