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Demonstration Project Proposal on Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) in Leather sector

Posted: Tuesday 1 May 18, 1.44pm GMT

SR Asia Foundation, and NPO-Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh conducted the ground work through conducting two workshop on MFCA. And based on the feedback from enterprises, NPO and SR Asia Bangladesh jointly started to implement a demonstration project on MFCA in Leather Good & Footwear Companies.

Knowing the fact that the awareness of sustainable consumption is still at infant stage and needs to be further promoted, SR Asia with the support of NPO, Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh started this demonstration project since January 2018 and implementing in two leather goods and footwear companies in Bangladesh. The project duration is for one year (January 2018- December 2018).

The main objective of this project is to assist companies in implementing a MFCA plan enabling them to (better) achieve environmental and financial target so that MFCA is a proven sustainable environmental management approach in Bangladesh. The project concerned on SDG#12 and SDG#17.

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Lydia Parnell

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