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CSR Leadership - PROhumana: Innovative promotion of sustainability

Posted: Tuesday 26 July 11, 8.32am GMT

PROhumana, Chilean nonprofit foundation, is a pioneer in promoting sustainability and is always looking for innovation in their actions. Among their practices to promote CSR is the Fourth CSR International Traveling Seminar and the Seventh CSR National Ranking.

PROhumana Foundation, has been working for over 15 years to promote the development of a culture of corporate social responsibility and citizenship in Chile and Latin America. It mainly concentrates on taking actions that seek to raise the awareness of businesses and citizens on issues of sustainability, generating knowledge and reflection on social responsibility and sustainable human development.

Within these actions is the National CSR Ranking. The purpose of this classification is to evaluate the management of CSR as a whole in the companies that apply to you. Thus, each organization measures its level of development in the economic, social and environmental, and generates a continuous progress in sustainable business management.

Since 2005 this ranking has evaluated more than 235 companies, representing over 670,000 workers, which implies a high impact on the Chilean business world.

In 2011, as in all its versions, the winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony to be held in September. This event is in tune with the concepts of responsibility and sustainability that PROhumana and this Ranking promote. The economic, social and environmental sustainability of this event has set the trend in our country, for example by offsetting its carbon footprint, contributing to social organizations and social investment, plus many others including green criteria.

Also as part of the promotion of knowledge, PROhumana held in November the Fourth CSR International Traveling Seminar. At this time, the participants will visit Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, one of the pioneers in the development of CSR and sustainability.

This seminar aims to promote knowledge and experience of development and innovation policy and sustainability of social responsibility among business leaders who attend, through direct contact and dialogue with representatives of businesses, organizations and civic organizations of the Spanish state.

Such actions, along with ongoing work in research, promotion and evaluation of CSR are those that have allowed PROhumana continue innovating and introducing new perspectives to issues in sustainability pioneers integral century.

If you want to know more about PROhumana, you can follow us at Twitter: @PROhumana

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