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CSR Hellas acts on Refugee Crisis

Posted: Thursday 22 December 16, 4.18pm GMT

CSR Hellas has played an active role in the Refugee Crisis during 2016. They have mapped the initiatives undertaken by their members on refugee support and have also motivated them by sending a call to action for collaborative support for refugees.

They have organized a working group counting with the voluntary participation of their members’ representatives and CSR Hellas have also decided to implement a collaborative action with all the members that were responding to this humanitarian crisis.

For a better response, they collaborated with 3 different NGOs; Praksis, Arsis and Metadrasi. All of these NGOs have a vast knowledge of refugee needs, helping CSR Hellas to be better aware of the specific needs of the refugees. This knowledge was also very useful for getting in touch directly with refugee camps all over Greece.

Knowing their needs and being in direct contact with refugees was key to explaining the crisis to members and encouraging them to take action on the issue. One of the most fulfilling moments was when the members sent contributions to cover specific needs which resulted in these donations meeting most of the needs of the refugees.

As a symbolic action, during the General Assembly on 23rd March 2016, CSR Hellas invited the representatives of the members participating in the Assembly to bring medicines for the refugees. Members’ response was quick and vital, as 6 boxes of medicines were collected and sent to the relevant NGOs.

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