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Cross European SDG Stakeholder Platform launched by CSR Turkey and partners

Posted: Tuesday 1 May 18, 2.24pm GMT

Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey) in collaboration with Asia-Minor and the Center for International and Europe Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University launched the SDG Stakeholders Platform in Turkey to produce local solutions for global challenges.


SDG Stakeholders Platform is part of the Sustainable Business Change of CSR European Network. The platform emphasizes collaboration to increase effectiveness among private sector, civil society, public and academic stakeholders and contribution to the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The general objective of the SDG Stakeholders Platform is incubating collaborative action towards the SDGs through the creation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, by leveraging CSR Europe’s Network of 41 National Partner Organizations (NPOs) reaching over 11,000 companies and key stakeholders in 31 countries across Europe.

Through effective partnerships, the platform will assist in transforming business models of companies and overcoming systemic barriers and challenges. Together with companies that internalize CSR principles, we aim to developing sustainable business models and creating sustainable growth both for our country and for our companies.


The SDGs represent an unprecedented political consensus on what level of progress is desired at the global level. This new agenda provides new opportunities for all stakeholders. In order to do that, partnerships inside and outside sectors will play an essential role in today’s world – a shift from the ego-system to the eco-system which is the key for global sustainable development.

Furthermore, today’s internally focused approach to goal setting is not enough to address global needs. The planet needs an outside in approach, by looking at what is needed externally from a global perspective and setting goals accordingly; in this context, businesses will bridge the gap between current performance and required performance.


Projects for creating solutions for the SDGs are being developed at the incubation center in Asia-Minor. You can propose a feasibility study to discover the possibilities of the Stakeholder Platform cooperation. The Platform will organize panels and workshops where different stakeholders participate on the SDGs. It will also conduct research and survey studies in order to raise awareness and level of knowledge about the SDGs while conducting informative trainings and workshops on the subject. In order to evaluate the practicality of suggested ideas and to further sensitize its coverage with leaders, the platform will be used to undertake;

• A feasibility study
• Project design: Identification of project structure, forming of detailed business plan, and securing resources for the implementation
• Cooperation activities: project implementation, monitoring, measurement and reporting
• Scaling and duplication: Analysis of results and adaptation of the process, duplication of the developed model

The series of discussions and debates are meant to stimulate interest, encourage research, and partnerships at local, regional, national, European, and international levels by bringing together stakeholders from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), academia, the research community, the public and the private sectors. Hence, the focus on the glocal approach. The glocal approach means finding local solutions or methods in order to reach global goals. Our methodology includes creating partnerships, policy analysis and design, capacity building, knowledge sharing, and mobilizing finance.


BRUSSELS SDG SUMMIT MAY 23-24: In partnership with the European Business Summit, this year’s conference will focus on transforming markets through partnerships for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This event will provide opportunities to meet the private sector, non-governmental organizations and public representatives both nationally and internationally and share idea with them.

SDGs MARKETPLACE & ACADEMY AWARDS: Collaborative action on the SDGs at the sectoral and global level will be a key feature of this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace and Academy Awards, which is in its 10th year. The event will create exhibition spaces in the Marketplace that allow participants to share their corporate social responsibility solutions in the ecosystem with other stakeholders.

SDG Training: The training will provide company practitioners with an interactive and practical crash course on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants will learn what the SDGs are all about and the trainings will provide them with the capacity to start/advance action toward the SDGs in their own organization.


• Show your business leadership and innovation on the SDGs
• Influence EU policy on embedding the SDGs into their actions
• Build business and stakeholder SDG intelligence
• Become a thought leader on SDG implementation

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