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Corporate volunteers: role models for high school students

Posted: Wednesday 13 October 10, 10.01am GMT

September is the month when students start school in Romania. September is also the month when 16 corporate volunteers from Orange Romania joined teenagers from Bucharest and Cluj Napoca in two community projects designed to revitalize the outdoor space in the schools where these teenagers study. The community activities are just one way volunteers choose to contribute to the communities they live in. Their support is much bigger and important. During 2010, 95 teenagers had the chance to meet Orange, Citibank and Kinstellar employees, in the ENGAGE program coordinated by Association for Community Relations.

ENGAGE volunteer

ENGAGE volunteer

The employees became mentors for the students sharing every day experiences in the working place. They met in short courses where the volunteers taught students how to mediate conflicts with clients, what it means to be a trainer in a large company, how to make public presentations etc. Thus, the teenagers had the opportunity to understand better the challenges and opportunities they may meet in the future.

Furthermore, the companies decided to help students understand better how a company works and what it means to be part of a team and invited the teenagers to visit their offices, and volunteers employees took the role of hosts.

At the end of the program, 300 students benefited of the support of 35 active and motivated corporate volunteers. It is a great start of such a valuable program and volunteers already committed their involvement in the time for future activities in ENGAGE program organized by ARC and its valuable community partner, New Horizons Foundation.

For more information on ENGAGE Key Cities and the INCLUDE project visit Business in the Community International.

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