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Corporate Community Investment in Canada: A Profile of the Profession

Posted: Tuesday 9 January 18, 4.28pm GMT

The Conference Board of Canada has published 'Corporate Community Investment in Canada: A Profile of the Profession' a report that provides a comprehensive review of the corporate community investment (CI) profession in Canada and makes recommendations to further advance it in Canada.

Organizations across Canada are making investments that contribute to the well-being of the communities and environments in which they operate, and on which they depend. A 2016 report published by The Conference Board of Canada found that community investment (CI) contributions made by 30 financial institutions operating in Canada totalled more than $5 billion over the last decade. Despite the significant scope and breadth of community investments by Canadian organisations, to date no comprehensive report profiling the CI profession in Canada has been published.

This report was created to support members of the Conference Board’s Corporate Community Investment Council in their roles as CI professionals, to provide valuable benchmarking information, to raise the profile of the profession, and to showcase the value of CI to business and society. The report findings have implications for job seekers hoping to get into the profession, existing professionals working in CI, human resources teams recruiting CI professionals, and organizations that support those working in the profession.

Download the full report here

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