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Community Business update from Hong Kong

Posted: Tuesday 26 July 11, 9.47am GMT

Community Business launches two publications: 'Towards Disability Confidence: A Guide for Employers in Hong Kong' and 'Singapore and Bringing Out the Best in Asian Talent' and galvanised corporate volunteers in the international movement, Give & Gain Day and the ENGAGE Hong Kong mentoring project.


1. Towards Disability Confidence: A Guide for Employers in Hong Kong and Singapore

Community Business launched “Towards Disability Confidence – A Resource Guide for Employers in Hong Kong and Singapore” and an accompanying Online Toolkit. This Resource Guide has been published to encourage and support companies in Asia – particularly those in Hong Kong and Singapore – to address the subject of ‘disability’. It looks at the business case, the cultural context in Hong Kong and Singapore, and provides recommendations on steps companies should take to allow people with disabilities to contribute – both as employees and customers.

2. Bringing Out the Best in Asian Talent

Community Business launched “Bringing Out the Best in Asian Talent”. An initiative of its Diversity & Inclusion in Asian Network (DIAN), this study looks at cultural issues that may be limiting Asians from reaching their full potential in multinational companies and what more can be done to foster greater Asian leadership. The study covers three different geographies: China, Hong Kong and India and its findings provide an interesting picture of key cultural challenges in the workplace and what needs to be done to create more supportive environments for local staff in Asia.


1. ENGAGE 2011 – A Push in the Right Direction

The road to success is long and not always clear, and many times the best way to get there is to dive in and get your hands dirty. At least that is the idea behind the incorporation of summer placements in Community Business’ 2011 mentoring programme.

Community Business’ ENGAGE ‘Journey of Opportunity’ Programme began in 2008 as a 1 day, 1 off initiative that matched 30 corporate volunteers with 30 youth from Tin Shui Wai, one of Hong Kong’s most disadvantaged areas.

2. Give & Gain

Over 60 businesses in Hong Kong celebrated the international day of employee volunteering on Friday 24 June, known as Give & Gain Day, with more than 2,000 staff taking time away from their desks and collectively volunteering to conduct all manner of fun-filled initiatives benefiting charities and community organisations across the country.

Community Business launched its first Employee Volunteer awareness raising campaign in 2009. The objective was to encourage more companies in Hong Kong to support and encourage their employees to give back to the community. Since 2009, there has been a steady increase of employees giving their time and skills to the Hong Kong community. Community Business was delighted to be part of Give & Gain Day this year, encouraging more Hong Kong companies to join this international movement of companies committed to giving back through employee volunteering.
In 2012, Community Business will partner once again with Business in the Community through the Give & Gain platform.

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