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Collaborative webinars with the CSR360 Global Partner Network

Posted: Monday 15 August 11, 8.03am GMT

On Tuesday 12th July the International Campaign at BITC hosted a webinar on Diversity for its CSR360 GPN Partner: Maala in Israel

The webinar was attended by Israeli companies engaged on the diversity agenda. BITC International collaborated with Race for Opportunity, part of BITC’s diversity campaign and with Tata Consultancy Services to provide an hour long webinar packed with practical hints and tips, shared experiences and helpful suggestions for practitioners who want to begin their diversity journey.

Sandra Kerr National Campaign Director, Race for Opportunity, spoke on the importance of diversity in the workplace concentrating on the key questions:

  1. How do you set up diversity goals (long term ones) and relevant KPI?
  2. Internal Corporate policy (for diversified workforce)
  3. Implementation and a working plan – what are the milestones?

Sandra shared with us interesting tips, hints and directed participants to a series of toolkits and research to support the spread of diversity in the workplace which can be downloaded from the side links.

You can also view the research ‘Race to Progress: Breaking Down Barriers’ conducted by Sandra’s team that highlights barriers to progress for British employees and explores race as a barrier to workers’ career prospects.

Finally, Srividya Kumar and Jennifer Stanzl from TCS shared with us their Diversity & Women’s Network (DAWN) presenting the webinar with a taste of the wide array of programmes they offer their employees in order to promote and support diversity in the work force.

To find out more about CSR360 webinars, visit the event page.

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