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Check the winners and the conclusions of the PROhumana CSR Ranking 2014

Posted: Monday 29 September 14, 11.22am GMT

On 28 August the winners of the 10° Ranking Nacional de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial PROhumana 2014 (PROhumana CSR Ranking 2014) were revealed. For the first time in its 10 years, it distinguished four companies with the maximum award: the Platinum seal, awarded to Bci (1°), Chilectra (2°), Natura (3°) and Falabella (4°).

The National PROhumana Ranking of CSR 2014 is an initiative that allows participant companies to have a deep diagnostic of management for sustainability and leads to some conclusions in connection to sustainability in Chile.

The Ranking considers the following themes of local and global interest; social performance of companies, development of policies to avoid inequalities and to promote inclusion, sustainable urban development, climate change and energy use considerations among others.

Main conclusions for the CSR National Ranking 2014

  • Compared to last year data, in 2014 the companies improved their social performance in 5,88%. This is one of the aspects noted in Ranking 2014, that “shows that relationship with the community became a strategic issue for the companies which started different processes to improve relationship with their stakeholders. Likewise, diversity has been considered and tackled, beginning by the formulation of non-discrimination and inclusion policies”, explains Carolina Andrade, Director of PROhumana Research an Advise Area.
  • Among the less developed areas in Chilean companies, we can include the pension process support and sensitization. In terms of performance, this is one of the lowest scores in the indicators, and coincidentally workers evaluations show it as one of the less developed matters in their companies. Nevertheless, compared to data from 2013, there is evidence of clear progress in support to pension’s policies; as well as in mechanisms for development and tools for education in relation to pension’s savings.
  • Protection to the environment and actions to face climate change, reach a high level of compliance. In terms of performance, companies have established environmental demands to their suppliers, promoted product recycling, carried out environmental performance perception evaluation and focused on eco-friendly products and services.

The awards ceremony

The awards ceremony gathered 400 people in W Hotel. President Michelle Bachelet; the Minister (S) General Secretariat of the Presidency, Patricia Silva; the Minister of Labor Javiera Blanco; the Minister of Justice, Juan Antonio Gómez, the Undersecretary of the Environment, Marcelo Mena; the Undersecretary of Economics, Katia Trusich; the Undersecretary of Social Welfare, Marcos Barraza; the president of Commerce and Production Confederation (CPC) Andrés Santa Cruz, and other personalities and authorities of the business field attended the ceremony.

In her speech, President Michelle Bachelet, said, “We have to understand the social responsibility as an opportunity for collaboration with employees, unions, consumers and communities. We must understand the social responsibility as an option to grow, to create leadership and make their brands and their chores an example of excellence, contribution and integration with their environment.”

She also recorded that “we have a huge task in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility. This may not be a side issue, a sort of clean image as perceived by many citizens, but should be the subject of a policy of short and medium term, because without companies is not possible to think of sustainable development of the country.”

“This is a big achievement, for the first time four companies have achieved this level of accreditation and that means they reached standards close to excellence in their sustainability management”, explained Soledad Teixidó, CEO of PROhumana.

For further information visit Fundación PROhumana’s website.

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