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Fundahrse and CEHDES organised a conference about the Honduran Government’s tax law changes

Posted: Wednesday 1 October 14, 8.28am GMT

The Honduran Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEHDES) with Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (Fundahrse) through the firm of lawyers Consortium Centro América organised a business lunch for all the members of the foundation in order to discuss the recent changes the Honduran government has made in tax law.

The conference was given by the lawyer Oscar Armando Manzanares, active member of Consortium Centro America, who counts with lot of experience in commercial tax, administrative law, litigation, arbitration and regulated sector. Also, he has been a recognized as trainer and speaker, giving talks and seminaries in Associations and Universities.

“The purpose of the reformation is to raise more incomes, to pay more expenses, to cover fiscal deficit, to pay more domestic debt” mentioned Manzanares. He also spoke about the factors that influence in the measure of this reform, like: percentages of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the inflation, the fiscal deficit and the domestic & external debt which have been increasing inordinately through the years.

Finally, he discussed about the contradictions in the new law which affect negatively the small and medium enterprises that work hard to keep their businesses standing. Likely, for the big companies it is important to be aware of the new reforms to make their transactions in a clear and transparently way.

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