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CECP promote Investing with Purpose

Posted: Wednesday 4 January 17, 9.57am GMT

CECP have released for the first time their study Investing with Purpose.

This inaugural study outlines six approaches for large companies to enhance their investments and corporate societal engagement initiatives. It also offers a road map for companies that are willing to incorporate corporate societal engagement into their values to get their start. You can read the full report here

Coupled with this study is the CECP’s Strategic Investor Initiative taking place on February 27th 2017 which will provide the opportunity for a select number of leading CEOs to present their long-term business plans to some 100+ long-term oriented institutional investors, representing $15 trillion in assets under management. Only one corporation will present from each industry sector. To know more about what CEOs will be presenting in their discussion you can read the guidance from CECP.

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Laura Bengoa

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