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Can you make money on the stock market and do this ethically?

Posted: Monday 31 October 11, 10.24am GMT

New teaching resource developed by Cambridge-Hitachi for the Co-operative Bank challenges children to do just that: Make money on the stok market etchically

That’s the challenge set by the Co-operative Bank’s latest educational resource, Fair Shares, developed by Cambridge-Hitachi and launched today to coincide with National Ethical Investment Week.

When the Co-operative Bank was looking for educational resources to support its staff volunteering programme, Fit4Finance, it chose Cambridge-Hitachi to develop an innovative resource that not only supports the bank’s ethical practices but engages students in the learning process through interactive activities.

The Ethical Investment Challenge ‘Fair Shares’ is a fast-paced, competitive team game based on the concept of responsible or values-based investing. Students aged 14-16 work in small teams and take on the role of investment managers with a brief to buy shares in ethical companies which they believe will also make a profit.

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