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Call for Employee Volunteering Millennium Development Goal Case studies!

Posted: Wednesday 13 October 10, 12.46pm GMT

The European Commission announced 2011 to be the European Year of Volunteering. In Europe more than 100 million people offer their time and skills to make a social impact. In line with this trend, Corporate Volunteering is emerging as an innovative tool to encourage employee commitment, foster leadership skills and improve the company’s reputation by simultaneously benefitting communities and increasing the social impact of business activities.

Among companies with worldwide ventures, Global Corporate Volunteering Programmes have become increasingly popular as a means of involving skilled employees in the socio-economic development of poor societies. Set up strategically, such programmes can be a powerful tool to increase the effectiveness of efforts to reduce poverty worldwide, while at the same time providing corporate volunteers with new challenges and skills that in turn will benefit the company. Finally, Global Corporate Volunteering is an opportunity for a company to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in a meaningful and effective way.

CODESPA and ICEP are launching a public call for best practices of innovative and high impact Global Corporate Volunteering programmes. For the matter of research and in order to provide a full picture of the topic, Large, Medium and Small Enterprises that engage in Global Corporate Volunteering are encouraged to hand in their proposals. In cooperation with the internationally rewarded IESE Business School, the most innovative examples will be included in a casebook that will be widely distributed worldwide among companies, academia, students and NGOs.

For more information contact Jenny Todd .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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