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BITC’s 2014 Responsible Business Awards Case Studies

Posted: Wednesday 25 June 14, 9.34am GMT

BITC’s 2014 Responsible Business Awards cycle has seen 159 new Big Ticks awarded with a further 82 entries re-accrediting their Big Tick status, each demonstrating the powerful impact of business on society and the environment.

A Big Tick is awarded to an entry that demonstrates significant achievement in tackling key social and environmental issues. In each category some companies were also shortlisted to be considered for the overall winner accolade. In addition, we offer a selection of award categories which focus on local impact in different areas across the UK.

Big Ticks by category:

  • Responsible Business Award
    This category recognises businesses that are integrating the sustainability issues most critical to their business and are influencing others to collaborate and create the conditions for long term sustainable change.
  • CommunityMark Award
    The CommunityMark recognises businesses that have an integrated and strategic approach to community investment and are making a measurable difference to communities through their programmes
  • Inspiring Young Talent Award
    Recognising businesses that address youth unemployment and the UK skills gap by using either ‘youth friendly’ recruitment practices, inspiring work experience programmes or accessible routes to successful working lives such as apprenticeships.
  • Asda Enterprise Growth Award
    Recognising businesses that engage, support and do business with small and medium enterprises to drive local economic growth.
  • Work Inclusion Award
    This award recognises businesses that have supported people from disadvantaged groups into employment and/or improved their employability skills.
  • Education Award, supported by UKCES
    Recognising businesses that are building sustainable partnerships with schools in the UK, to raise aspirations of young people to enable them to build successful working lives.
  • Building Stronger Communities Award
    This category recognises partnerships between businesses and community organisations that successfully address a key social issue and make a lasting impact.
  • The Prince’s Ambassador Awards
    Ambassadors are chosen not only for their inspiring personal impact, but also for demonstrating leadership which has both transformed their own business and inspired other organisations to take action.
  • The Sieff Award
    The Sieff Award recognises the next generation of business leadership, in partnership with Marks & Spencer.
  • Awards Across the Country
    This award recognises companies were acclaimed as the best examples of responsible business practice across the country.

BITC’s 2015 Responsible Business Awards will be launched in November/December 2014.

For further information visit The Responsible Business Awards 2014 website.

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