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BITC will be hosting a workshop on how to develop leadership through employee volunteering

Posted: Wednesday 9 May 12, 8.56am GMT

The International Department at Business in the Community (BITC) will be hosting a half day workshop and networking forum to learn about skills and leadership development through employee volunteering in an international context. The event will take place on 15 June 2012 in London.

Starting at 08:30, this workshop will be looking into various worldwide examples from different business sectors.

The discussion will address issues such as:

  • how to use employee volunteering to meet the competency framework of the company,
  • the tension between long term skills based volunteering opportunities and one day team challenges,
  • how to better utilise the core and noncore skills of your business,
  • and other challenges faced by international community or HR practitioners when using an employee volunteering programme to develop the skills of employees.

After the morning session, IBM will present their experience through their Leadership Development Programme followed by a discussion and networking forum.

Each attendee will be able to join just for the morning (workshop), or just for the IBM presentation, discussion and networking forum, or both. For further information about the booking details, please click here.

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