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BITC Ireland will introduce CSR session in the DCU’s Responsible Capitalism Programme

Posted: Wednesday 2 May 12, 8.47am GMT

Business in the Community Ireland, a member of the CSR360 Global Partner Network, will take part in the Responsible Capitalism Programme run by Dublin City University in June. This three-day course will demonstrate how Stakeholder Theory and Ethics can help Business Leaders to create successful and responsible business.

The programme is aimed at top managers who wish to develop their understanding of how the key ideas (and management tools) of Stakeholder Theory and Business Ethics can add value to their organization, rethinking traditional business models to create successful responsible business.

According to the UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study 2010, 72% of global corporate leaders cite “brand, trust and reputation” as the key factors driving action on sustainability issues. Equally, Business in the Community Ireland’s 2011 CEO Survey says that 61% of Irish CEOs believe that responsible business strategies give them a competitive advantage. These statements reflect that, although trust in business is decreasing, businesses acting responsibly can drive value, mitigate risks and help rebuild corporate reputation.

The first Executive Programme on Responsible Capitalism has been organized by the Dublin City University Institute of Ethics, in partnership with DCU Ryan Academy, MHC International and Business in the Community Ireland. BITC Ireland will join the second session of the course “From Corporate Social Responsibility to Company Stakeholder Responsibility” on 22 June 2012.

Responsible Capitalism Programme will provide participants with the following Key Business Benefits:

  • Gaining a better understanding of your organisation’s purpose by rethinking traditional business models
  • Developing ethical leadership skills
  • Envisioning ways to build responsible businesses that can drive value and create competitive advantages
  • Understanding the joint interests of stakeholders
  • Mapping stakeholders in your organization’s value creation process
  • Learning how to put into practice “no trade off” thinking
  • Identifying specific organizational change that will help your company to be recognized as a leader in responsible capitalism
  • Acquiring the critical know-how to develop or improve business ethics tools (e.g. codes of ethics, ethical training, CSR standards, sustainability reporting, etc.)

This course will provide a highly interactive environment, enabling participants to engage in unconventional conversations with international thought leaders who will also share their experience in helping organizations to integrate ethics and the stakeholder approach into practice, worldwide.

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