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ACN to hold Conference on Engaging EU Citizens in Sustainable Energy at the European Parliament

Posted: Thursday 22 December 16, 3.12pm GMT

Active Citizenship Network, the EU branch of our Italian partner Cittadinanzattiva is organising a conference in the European Parliament on the 1st of February 2017. The conference is designed to share best practice in engaging European citizens in Sustainable Energy. Last May, the European Parliament voted to deliver a new deal for energy consumers (2015/2323(INI)) in which citizens will play an active role in achieving the goals of the new European energy strategy. In addition, on November 30, the European Commission presented its “Clean Energy for All” package; a set of policy initiatives and legislative proposals that aim to help the EU reach its 2030 40% decarbonisation target. How can European citizens contribute to reaching these EU goals around climate and energy issues? What methods can European Institutions use (e.g. crowdfunding / citizens as prosumers) to encourage citizens’ to participation in this area? What are the most significant successful stories in Europe on this agenda? What limitations are there and where can we find opportunities while ensuring adequate protection for all market players?

The Active Citizenship Network conference has been planned to address the EU goals to;

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared with 1990 levels;
  2. Improve energetic efficiency by 20%.

The event provides an opportunity to provide and analyze the point of view of citizens and their active participation in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, presenting experiences focused on civic participation. The event will also highlight the different consumer engagement strategies from projects supported by Intelligent Energy Europe Programme and present the experience of “Citizenergy” platform to the European Institutions and the relevant stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to offer an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange experiences and opinions on the topic and to develop policy recommendations to the EU Institutions.

Active Citizenship Network has two main areas of focus:

  1. Encouraging citizens to actively participate in European policy-making and build “European active citizenship” through the citizens’ powers and responsibilities in public policies. This includes:
    • Recognizing the primary role of citizens and civic organizations in the care of the common good;
    • Supporting citizen to participate in policy making at a local, national and EU level;
    • Involving them in the defence of their fundamental rights as citizens, consumers, passengers, users, savers, patients, etc.

  2. Promote abroad all the successful experiences achieved by Cittadinanzattiva in Italy.

The conference, that will be hosted by Italian MEP Dario Tamburrano, Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, is organized by Active Citizenship Network, the EU branch of Italian NGO Cittadinanzattiva, and is dedicated to the consumers’ engagement across Europe in the fields of sustainable and renewable energies.

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